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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Personal Notes to Laura: January - March 2006

Visit this section to view personal notes and expressions to Laura made from January 2006 through March 2006.

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Personal Notes to Laura: November - December 2005

Visit this section to view personal notes and expressions to Laura made from November 2005 through December 2005.

Photo Gallery

Hi Everyone,

Please share your "living well" photos. Email photos to me - Stacy Parson (sparson@deloitte.com) - with your caption and comments and I'll make sure they get posted. Click on the pictures to enlarge them.

Love, Stacy
"Cel-e-brate Good Times..." - Laura Turns 59

A Collage from Emily
Sutherlin, Oregon
(From top left to bottom right)
1 & 2 - our "reunion" at the BG Conference in May
3 - "Take a walk with me along Rick Creek"
4 - a deep pool where salmon hang in summer
5 - a mother Wood Duck and babies making tracks!
6 - of the rocks which have blue, red, tan, many colors
7 - fern
8 - a wild rose
9 - at the end of the walk

Hesteah, Shekinah, Laura H and Jill in Capital Reef, Utah
(Shared by Harper Mann)

On the Beach...

On the beach in Tulum.

Enjoying Mexican beverages shortly before learning that the car had broken down - aye yai yai!

Trillium on a tree stump - Happy Spring!
(Shared by Emily Blakely)

Laura - Lookin' Good at R4 (Earthquakes)
(Shared by Holly Bennet)

Window on the World of Possibility from NZ
(Shared by Holly Bennet)

Emily's Winter Farm

Here we have Goat Fresca & baby, Pup Chance now, Llama Harvey seeing snow for the first time, Wild turkeys, Harvey again, Pup Chance then, Henrietta & chicks.

Bev...Good Times


Gail...Growing Love

Creating my gardens.

Gail & Patrick, Love

Happy as a Girl in Dirt!

The CTI Team Sends Their Love

Svetlana, Josephine


Joyce, Oliya,Jennet

WOW Team

Heidi and Joyce

Elizabeth, Joyce, Sonja, and Dawn

Dawn and Debra

Bruce and Joyce

Brayth and Debbie

Barb, Angie, Stephanie

Zoe in Paris
"Come and join me" - Zoe

Zoe and the Vikings
Torkel and Zoe revelling in a viking feast in Norway.

Emily & Clyde, Sutherlin, OR

Celebrating Judy and Shekinah
Photos from their retirement party - October 2005

Dahlias in October
From Judy's garden on the day of her retirement party

Say it with a Sunflower or two
I so enjoyed seeing you and Judy last week. I have some good photos to share from the visit. These are just two, and some others are crossing the ocean as we speak. With much love, Linda

Jenn Weinberg sends "big warm fuzzy hugs from all of us lil monsters." She's living well at a new job at Pixar.

Laura & Salty Don - Earthquakes High Ropes Day, R2 Co-Active Leadership, July 28/05 - Living strong, having fun, leaning in 100%! (shared by Barbara Swanston)

Here's Leslie living well in Mexico! Braces are gone ... time for big smiles! Her dogs, Benito and Jorge, look like they are living well too.

Kimberlee, Judy, Stacy and Laura on a most excellent trek through wine country. Imagery Winery (top), Kunde Winery (bottom) June 2005

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